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Most versatile decoration

3D decals PC

3D decals are the most versatile decals for decorating: can be applied both on and under the clear coat. 

Product features:

  • quickly and very easily applied, also inline;
  • quickly and easily dry applied: 
    • under the clear coat in one or more colors;
    • under the clear coat or primer to create a beautiful relief in the lacquer layer;
  • the thickness is tailored to the prescribed layer thicknesses of common powder coatings to guarantee full encapsulation during standard processing;
  • heat-resistant;
  • UV-resistant.

3 processing steps:

  1. decal is applied to the product;
  2. application tape is removed;
  3. next layer of clear coat or powder coating is applied (primer, base coat or clear coat).

Possible in every paint shop 

Processing can take place in any paint shop without special equipment.

Different instructions and videos

3D decals PC can be processed in different ways. That is why there are 3 different processing instructions and instruction videos for this product:

  • under primer
  • under the clear coat
  • under the base coat, on top of the primer
Disclaimer: Customers are responsible for the final result of the decal on the product. The final result depends on factors beyond Posterama's control. See our terms and conditions.

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