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For medical equipment and items


The requirements for medical equipment are often so high that the stickers must also meet particularly high requirements, such as for MRI scanners. Posterama has been supplying stickers for advanced medical equipment for decades. 

Custom fit 

We can supply the right sticker for any application with a wide range of product specifications, perfectly tailored to the requirements of the customer or product. 

A solution for special requirements 

Medical equipment is often equipped with labels, stickers, and hazard labels. Based on customer-specific requirements, Posterama can deliver any imaginable solution. In one case, special requirements are placed on the inks. In another case, on the film. 

With our wealth of knowledge and experience, we always find the perfect solution. 

Disclaimer: Customers are responsible for the final result of the decal on the product. The final result depends on factors beyond Posterama's control. See our terms and conditions.

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