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What else can you do to produce more sustainable? Besides optimising your own production process, you naturally take a look at the sourcing of your raw materials and semi-finished products.

Your gain: less energy and waste

We can guarantee that our decals make an outstanding contribution to this: Not only do we deliver products produced in the most sustainable way, we also ensure that these products cause less energy and waste in their processing. How?

  1. They remain usable for at least 3 years, which means less waste.
  2. The application process is 500% faster and uses more than 50% less energy.

Lower energy costs

In addition to environmental benefits, our decals also provide exceptional performance and significantly lower overall "total cost of ownership". How does this affect your bicycle production? Lower energy and labour costs, shorter production. Our NWD water decal is our best product in this area. Watch the video to see how you save money, time and energy with our NWD water decals.

We go a step further

To guarantee high quality products, Posterama has been manufacturing in a fully acclimatised environment for 20 years. This makes it possible to print "sensitive" products such as water (slide) decals with minimal fitting differences on our fast, fully automated presses. In this way, very high quality can be achieved in mass production.

Running on solar and wind energy

We are currently investing in greening this system by purchasing a completely new installation. This will stop heating by means of natural gas and run entirely on wind and solar energy. Moreover, optimal energy reuse takes place using heat pumps and storage in a large cold and a large heat buffer tank.

Green, cost-efficient & high-quality

For example, heat from the hot air of the drying ovens can be fully recovered. For the benefit of production and for heating the offices.

In this way, Posterama proves that green, cost-efficient and high-quality production go hand in hand.

Contact & information

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