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Innovative solutions

Plastics industry

Posterama offers the plastics industry several high-quality decorative solutions, such as in-mould labels (IML) and decals, to decorate plastic, carbon, or composite products.

We do not print directly on the plastic, but do so through a label or decal. The result is scratch and UV resistant, and the decoration cannot be removed without damaging the product.

IML labels with high technical requirements

IML labels are applied in the injection mold which integrates the decoration into the plastic product. Posterama applies this technique to relatively small productions with strict quality requirements. Also for functional applications such as electroluminescent and electroconductive labels. 

Decals on plastic

Products can also be decorated on plastic with transfers. This also results in a durable and high-quality result. Both decoration techniques are scratch and UV-resistant and cannot be removed without damaging the product.

Guaranteed to work

Posterama distinguishes itself from other suppliers: "We only deliver guaranteed working labels. We are the specialist who delves into the specific customer situation and delivers a perfect product tailored to your needs. We are also open to orders with high technical requirements or smaller quantities."

Our capabilities

In-mould labeling (IML) is a technique with many application possibilities within the plastics industry. We would like to tell you about our capabilities, among other things, based on samples. 

Contact & information

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