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For high technical requirements

Customisation in IML

IML is often used for the injection moulding of disposable packaging made of polypropylene. However, Posterama focuses on the production of high-tech in-mould labels. 

We do this for medical products with special product properties and for sustainable applications, such as charging stations and equipment housing. Often it is about relatively small productions with strict quality requirements. 

Product features:

  • suitable for special applications;
  • suitable for small quantities;
  • UV-resistant.
  • Suitable for combinations with PP, ABS, polystyrene, polycarbonate and various types of PE and polyester. 

Smooth processing

The processing of in-mould labels in the injection molding process is not always easy. There is a lot possible with the help of robots. However, we see unnecessary problems and rejection at many injection molders. 

Posterama is the IML specialist who really delves into the specific situation and delivers a perfect IML label tailored to your needs. We go further in fine-tuning and optimising IML labels than the competition. We are happy to be your partner in developing the perfect label.

We supply IML labels for virtually any plastic material

Thanks to our own Innovation desk, Posterama has a vast library of combinations of films, inks, and granules. We offer an ideal IML solution for every plastic, using inks that are extremely UV-resistant.

Disclaimer: Customers are responsible for the final result of the decal on the product. The final result depends on factors beyond Posterama's control. See our terms and conditions.

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