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We were present

Eurobike 2024

The 33rd edition of the biggest bike fair in the world is now history. For another year it offered the stages for the latest innovations, business meetings, networking, and conferences.

What a fantastic event again. It was wonderful to meet so many customers and prospects from all over Europe. We made a lot of new contacts. Many prospects are still surprised and impressed by the long shelf life of our water decals. They were also very much interested in the fact that drying at just 60 degrees is possible with our new NWD water decals 2.0.

Posterama was presenting itself together with its partners of the sppot. Together with our partners we can help our clients from a bare frame to a fully finished and designed bike frame: technical application equipment and paint lines, quality control, touch-up paints, and trend-setting colors and last but not least Posterama’s decals.

Regarding surface finishing, Eurobike always been the most convenient place to meet and check in person about the innovations. We were happy to be a part of this big event again.


Our latest event in Turin Italy

Get Technical 2023

Get Technical is one of the big 3 events of the sppot. It’s especially aiming at the technical aspects of surface finishing technologies for the bicycle and sporting goods industry.

On the 21st and 22nd of November Eurotherm S.p.A., like Posterama one of the partners of the sppot, hosted this very special event. Our presentations, discussions and workshops got a lot of interest from all attendees.

For a lot of Italian paintshop managers, the application of water decals under clear coat was new and instructive. For others problem solving tips were useful. For ourselves, it is still unbelievable to learn that several big European bike manufacturers are still following extreme (Asian) procedures for processing water, like high temperatures for water decal drying (110-120 degrees) instead of 60-80 degrees (required for our NWD water decals). What a waste of money and energy!

Some are even adding chemicals to the soaking water. Bad for the workers and the environment. An extra confirmation that we are on the right track with our focus on people, profit and planet.

Our next event is Color Trend Days 2024 in Portugal. We hope to see you there. If you like to stay informed about our events? Please send an e-mail to 

Applying decals?

Smart solutions come from Europe!

There is so much to save when you work with the right decals. At Posterama, we love visiting bicycle factories to see how decals are processed and what we can do to help manufacturers perform even better.

Yet sometimes it's also disconcerting. I recently visited some "state of the art" paint shops of bicycle factories. Everything is smartly and thoughtfully organised; examples of lean manufacturing. Yet I am also startled by the waste of energy, time AND money; by one conscious choice.

For instance, when you process water decals from a major competing supplier. After the first oven drying you have to wait until the frames have cooled completely to proceed with the next step; removing the application layer. This has huge implications for production and costs.

Even more amazing is what you then come across in terms of solutions to achieve that cooling:

  1. cooling frames using a cold water shower (and later additional oven drying);
  2. buy heavy chillers to make them blow cold air;
  3. extend the line, keeping frames spinning for an hour longer.

In this way, tens of thousands of euros per year are wasted: completely unnecessary!

When using Posterama's NWD water decals, the application layer can be removed in-line from the still-warm frame and can go directly to the clear coat booth.

No unnecessary loss of time, unnecessary costs, unnecessary environmental impact. So, be smart, choose our NWD water decals, developed for lean manufacturing.

The strategic conference for the bike industry

Color Trend Days 2023 by Posterama

A unique event for the bicycle industry with mesmerising presentations and a great place to network. Thanks to our great speakers and interesting guests. “Without them it wouldn’t have been such a success”, Frans-Theo Niemeijer, owner of Posterama tells us.

Just a few comments we heard: “Inspiring” “Great atmosphere”, “Perfect place for networking” and also important “Good food”.

The event showed our guests the latest products and technologies on surface finishing for the bicycle industry. It also was about reshoring bicycle production back to Europe with lots of inspiring presentations and interviews.

In collaboration with The Sppot we organise these events two times a year in different countries. Are you interested to join next time?

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