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Most versatile decoration

3D decal 2K

3D decals 2K are the most versatile decals for decoration: they can be applied both over and under the base coat! 

Product features:

  • quick and easy to apply, even in-line;
  • can be applied dry:
  • under the clear coat in one or multiple colors;
  • under the base coat;
  • under the primer to create a beautiful relief in the paint layer;
  • the thickness is adapted to the prescribed layer thicknesses of common 2K paint systems to ensure full encapsulation during standard processing;
  • UV-resistant. 

3 steps for processing:

  1. decal is applied to the product;
  2. application tape is removed;
  3. next paint layer is applied (primer, base coat or clear coat). 

Possible in any paint shop 

Processing can take place in any paint shop without special equipment.

Disclaimer: Customers are responsible for the final result of the decal on the product. The final result depends on factors beyond Posterama's control. See our terms and conditions.

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