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The best in de market

NWD water decals 2.0

NWD water decals from Posterama stand out as the best products in the market. Moreover, they are more cost-efficient and require less labour, resulting in shorter production times and reduced costs.

After application, immediate inspection and drying are possible at just 80º Celsius. The film of Posterama transfers can be easily removed after drying, eliminating the need for cooling or long waiting times. In-line removal before applying the clear coat reduces production time by up to 4 hours.

Watch our video and see that NWD water decals are not only innovative, high-quality products, but also economically smart choices.

Enhanced Version:

Experience our improved 2.0 version with broader processing capabilities for greater variation in drying time and temperature. While still ensuring easy removal of the film. These features enable Posterama products to be processed simultaneously with other products. Even more benefits!

Product features:

  • the most cost-efficient:
  • guaranteed 3 years processing;
  • very simple processing;
  • minimal cycle time and less space consumption in production by warmly removing strip coating:
  • in-line (so no storing on carts for cooling down);
  • no cooling zone needed;
  • ultra-thin, therefore superb optical qualities;
  • flexible, therefore suitable for double-curved surfaces;
  • minimally heat resistant up to 210℃ for 30 minutes;
  • UV-resistant.

4 processing steps:

  1. decal is applied to the product using pure water;
  2. frame with decals is dried;
  3. in-line, the strip coating is removed;
  4. transparent powder coating or 2K coating is applied.

Lower costs due to efficiency 

The NWD water decal distinguishes itself from all competing products by much shorter cycle times, less space consumption in the paint shop and a much longer processability. The total costs of decorating are therefore significantly lower than with competing products. That's what we mean by next level.

Disclaimer: Customers are responsible for the final result of the decal on the product. The final result depends on factors beyond Posterama's control. See our terms and conditions.

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