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DTP and design studio

Posterama has its own design and DTP studio. With experienced professionals who are full-fledged conversation partners for our clients. 

They know that the strength of a good design lies in its feasibility and applicability. 


A good briefing is the basis of our design work. Sometimes we are given free rein and sometimes our clients know exactly what they want. Often it's about designing transfersets for bikes, but sometimes just a matching sticker. 

If the design task is too large or complex, we are happy to recommend one of our experienced external designers.

Studio operations

Our studio employees are happy to consult with our clients about the details of a project, so everything is clear. Communication is an important added value when working with Posterama. 

A lot goes into evaluating a digital design after it's received, including assessing its feasibility and applicability. Our tasks include: 

  • adapting designs;
  • checking consistency;
  • considering all the possibilities of screen printing;
  • processing supplied material into print files;
  • verifying that the material and ink type are correct;
  • considering the later processing of the product.
A good product starts with good design

Added value

Often, a design needs to be adapted for the particular product and application. This requires specialised knowledge and know-how. For example, we consider the processing of the transfer or label at the customer's site. We act as both a sounding board and an advisor. 

The success of a beautiful and functional design depends on its practical feasibility.

Magic Decal Box

To inspire designers, Posterama has created its famous Magic Decal Box, a case with many Posterama products in surprising designs and finishes. It is regularly updated with new creations and products. 

A highly sought-after toolbox! 

Contact & information

Do you have a question about one of our products or techniques? Or would you like to receive a quote?
Please feel free to contact us.