Product Development

Product Development

Our Research & Development department is vital in our specialist field. It achieves extraordinary results in terms of product development and process improvement. Naturally this is done in close partnership with our international suppliers and customers. We also engage external experts for even more specialist areas, and have a network of specialists: both experienced practical experts with management experience in coating firms, and true R&D specialists working at academic level and with years of R&D experience working for multinationals.

  • The best product for each use

    The best product for each use

    Posterama's Research & Product Development department has excellent laboratory facilities and its own powder and wet coating installation and baking oven. These facilities, combined with our knowledge of our customers' production processes, are used to develop, improve and test our products inhouse, in realistically simulated production scenarios. For you the customer this means that you have better products sooner, without having to conduct extensive tests with prototypes. We use the most commonly applied testing methods from the relevant industry, where necessary with whatever additional testing methods that we feel to be advisable. We look for and find solutions for all specifications, even if those present restrictions.

  • Global network of suppliers

    Global network of suppliers

    Over the past decades Posterama has built up an extensive global network of suppliers that can supply specific products and if necessary modify their products to meet our specifications. This offers tremendous opportunities for product development and process improvement. We generally work together directly with the manufacturers' development departments, who also regularly come to us for advice about their products or for testing.For example, we modified a production method for which a foreign enterprise held a patent and that initially seemed only to work under laboratory conditions, and made it viable for large-scale production.

  • Quality assurance

    Posterama is known for its high quality and strict quality standards. To ensure that we retain that reputation, our production environment features an advanced climate control installation, which continually blows fresh and acclimatised air onto the production floor. This keeps the temperature and humidity at a very constant level and means that materials can be better processed and are less sensitive to such factors as stretch, shrinkage and static charges. Besides visual inspections and technical control tools during production, Research & Development also takes random samples every week. Those samples are then tested to determine whether all manufactured products that are applied under the coating are in fact heat-resistant. This helps us to avoid situations in which a customer is working with faulty decals. We also only use high-quality materials and inks that have undergone extensive testing.