Because most of the products manufactured by Posterama are in fact semi-finished goods and are used as parts in the finished product, it is vital to our customers that they can rely on the products supplied by Posterama. Or as we like to say, Posterama lives on reliability. Reliability in terms of the product and reliability in terms of delivery times. That's also what our entire business policy is based on. We have a backup for each machine and each employee.

Thanks to an extensive quality assurance system, Posterama rarely receives any complaints about quality. Fewer than 1% of our deliveries receive comments or complaints, and in those cases where a customer has a justified complaint a simple repair generally allows Posterama to ensure that the delivery can as yet be used. If not, an additional delivery is made or, if the extraordinary happens and the entire order is below par, the whole delivery is replaced by a new and proper delivery.

Posterama guarantees 100% customer satisfaction, which means that at all times Posterama:

  • manufactures its products using identical methods
  • manufactures products that have been fully tested and have proved their suitability for the application provides instructions for the correct way of processing its products
  • if necessary sends an expert to provide on-site advice and support, at home or abroad, about the correct way of processing its products
  • presents a suitable solution if it becomes apparent that a product does not meet the customer's requirements.


Any operator working for different businesses on the same market must at all times be alert to how it handles customer-specific knowhow and developed products. Posterama has a policy that centres on integrity and confidentiality. No business will ever learn from Posterama about the innovations in a competitor's latest range.