Screen printers can be found almost everywhere. What distinguishes Posterama is not only the quality of its screen prints but also the quality of its services. We develop new products, conceive new processes, combine our knowhow of the production process with our customers' knowledge of design to create new decorations and ensure the best possible end result, conduct our business and manufacture our products with a sense of social responsibility and guarantee the quality of our products.

  • DTP and design studio

    DTP and design studio >

    Posterama has its own inhouse design and DTP studio, with experienced professionals who are equal partners in the discussions with our customers in the bicycle and clog industries.

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  • Sustainability

    Sustainability >

    Posterama attaches a great deal of importance to sustainability. For example, we use green electricity and wherever possible we use environmentally friendly materials. Posterama also develops its products in such a manner that they:
    · can be processed in a sustainable manner with the least possible burden for employees
    · cause the minimum amount of product failure and
    · possess long useful lives.

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  • Guarantee

    Guarantee >

    Because most of the products manufactured by Posterama are in fact semi-finished goods and are used as parts in the finished product, it is vital to our customers that they can rely on the products supplied by Posterama. Or as we like to say, Posterama lives on reliability.

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  • Product Development

    Product Development >

    In our specialist field, continually finding the best, most attractive and most durable solutions calls for innovation and product development. Working together closely with customers and suppliers, our Research & Product Development department develops new products and applications.

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