Anybody can print stickers, but for large volumes or for extraordinary stickers you need to be with Posterama. We manufacture them for whatever purpose you require. Whether you're looking for durability, colourfast quality, weather resistance or adhesion to non-standard surfaces, we consider the customer's requirements and select the right materials, glue and techniques. Posterama offers a wide range of types of stickers. We use special inks to create numerous extraordinary effects: fluorescent, phosphorescent, reflecting, temperature- and acid-sensitive stickers and stickers with glow-in-the-dark and flip-flop effects.

  • Safety stickers

    Safety stickers

    Stickers are often used to indicate hazards and for safety regulations, and when used for those purposes must be highly adhesive. They also often feature phosphorescent, reflecting and/or fluorescent prints.

  • Dome stickers

    Dome stickers

    Specially for use on flat surfaces, these stickers have a layer of very clear acrylic plastic, to provide a posh appearance with 3D effect.

  • Anti-theft stickers

     These stickers are very difficult to remove once they have been applied or, once removed, cannot be reused without detection. In the first case, they are made from ultra-destructible material that crumbles when it is removed. The latter type are made from void material, which splits and displays a text once removed. These stickers can be used for valuable items such as computers, electronic appliances, guarantee seals or guarantee stickers.

  • Product feature stickers

    Product feature stickers

    Various forms of these technical stickers exist:

    • Aluminium stickers, on which numbers or letters are printed using an old-fashioned typewriter. These stickers are often used for type designations on machinery and appliances.
    • Other types are often characterised by the environments in which they are used. In some cases they need to be particularly resistant to heat, in others they have to be resistant to oil products. In addition, they often have to be hard to remove. The right combination of materials and inks has to be identified to ensure a perfect product.
  • Inspection stickers

    Inspection stickers

    This type of sticker serves to indicate that an appliance has been or needs to be inspected. Here, too, the main issue is to consider the materials on which these stickers will be used, and in what type of environment. These factors are what decide how the stickers are produced.

  • Double-sided window stickers

    Double-sided window stickers

    These stickers are applied to the inside of a window and can be read from both inside and outside. They are often used for promotional purposes or to indicate security in buildings. They cannot be removed from the outside.

  • Static cling stickers

    These are stickers without glue that are nevertheless adhesive. They are often selected for temporary uses: to protect the product underneath or to prevent the product from being damaged when the sticker is removed.