The instep guard with a high cuteness factor

For years, Posterama has been producing all manner of rear fork protectors and instep guards. We sometimes even manufacture entire sheets of protectors, with protective parts that serve to protect the coating not only against a chain or a shoe heel, but also against abrasion caused by brake or gear cables.

We have manufactured protectors from very rugged types of vinyl, but also from very thin types, in matt and glossy versions and printed with a range of colours or highly transparent ones that are only show a logo printed in a coating that is subtly different from the sheen.

When MultiCycle asked us for an instep guard with a high cuteness factor, we needed some time to think about that order. In the end, having discussed the matter together, we decided on leather, but then very soft goat leather. This supple material matches the frame very attractively. Thanks to very strong glue they cling strongly to the frame, a factor that we naturally tested at great length. Goat leather instep guards are now a new product in the already considerable range of protectors that Posterama makes.