Posterama attaches a great deal of importance to sustainability. For example, we use green electricity and wherever possible we use environmentally friendly materials. Posterama also develops its products in such a manner that they:

· can be processed in a sustainable manner with the least possible burden for employees

· cause the minimum amount of product failure and

· possess long useful lives.


Posterama is not jumping on the bandwagon of sustainable production: sustainable production is a natural basic mentality for us. For example, years ago we worked together with a supplier to developing a matrix cleaner. Nowadays those machines are common, but Posterama was the first to recognise the need for such a machine. It cleans the used screens for reuse in new orders. This is done in a closed circuit, to prevent solvents and other harmful substances from entering the environment.

Posterama's manufacturing process is wholly compliant with REACH; Posterama keeps meticulous accounts of solvents and can produce product datasheets of the inks, chemicals and substances it has used at a moment's notice. We use as few substances that are harmful to the environment as possible, minimise our waste output and separate what little waste we do produce and have it collected by specialist organisations so that it can be processed for reuse.

Green products
Compared with other products, those of Posterama can definitely be qualified as green. Consider the shelf life of decals, for example. Posterama's decals remain usable for years diminishing in quality, whereas other manufacturers only guarantee shelf lives of a few months, half a year at most. Moreover, our products are developed in such a manner that they generate as little waste as possible when processed. If a decal has not been applied correctly, it can be repaired. And if that does not work, the decal can be removed without the coating necessarily needing to be removed from the frame. This is possible because Posterama's decals have a low 'initial tack' and do not achieve full adhesion until some days later, after which it does not diminish again.

Products geared toward proper working conditions
Posterama is without equal in considering the manner in which its products are processed. Other suppliers of waterslide decals might soak their decals in water of less than 10 degrees Celsius for weeks, or instead in hot water of 40 degrees or more (otherwise they won't be flexible enough). Naturally, this results in skin problems and other complaints with the persons processing the decals. That is why Posterama supplies waterslide decals that can be soaked in water at room temperature. This causes the fewest dermatological complaints.