Promotional articles

For sales promotion agencies and campaign marketing agencies we have popular promotional articles, such as humorous campaign stickers and tattoo decals for all target groups: kids, football fans, employees. Posterama also manufactures suitable catchy promotional give-away’s such as those used in the fast-moving industry. Agencies do business with Posterama for the unparalleled speed of delivery, unique materials, special techniques, unequalled colourfast qualities and durability.

Posterama's tattoo decals are distinguished by several factors:

  • the tinctorial strength and the durability of the decals. This means that they last substantially longer.
  • Posterama uses inks that are fully compliant with the Dutch Cosmetics Decree (Cosmeticabesluit).
  • our decals are compliant with all the strict EU Directives that apply (dermatological or otherwise); in practice, too, they have shown not to result in skin problems.
  • our decals have special features, such as gloss effects.
  • we use clever technical gimmicks to deliver productions for which the processing specifications are available in such a manner that considerable savings can be realised in terms of sorting, packing and/or enclosing with other products.

Basically, for producing tattoo decals Posterama is also more than just the perfect printing firm.

Other uses are also possible: thanks to Posterama's tattoo decals, Henri Toonders is 'just like Robbie Williams' at every single performance. Tattoo decals can also be used to express support for your club or for dressing up for a night on the town.