In-Mould Labelling

In-Mould Labelling It is not always a simple matter to incorporate in-mould labels into the injection moulding process. Although the possibilities that this technique offers are numerous, many injection moulders encounter problems implementing it in practice and have their products rejected. What you need is a specialist who studies the specific situation in detail and provides a perfect and custom-made product. Posterama is that partner.


In-mould labelling is a highly specialised skill. First, it is important that the labels can be incorporated without difficulty and without being rejected. A vital factor is how the mould is placed. Second, the label and the moulded product need to form a technically perfect unit. The right materials have to be selected to ensure proper adhesion. Lastly, optical qualities also play an important part: a perfect print using light-resistant and heat-proof inks, including clear colours and attractive metallic effects. 


An aspect that is often overlooked is importance of matching the sheen of the in-mould label to the moulding itself, a problem that is familiar to many specialists. Posterama can give each in-mould label the right degree of mattness to match the plastic product, creating a single unit without unsightly

differences in sheen: a valuable innovation!