Posterama offers a tremendous variety of decals. We advise on the right type of decal to suit the intended use and processing method. What distinguishes Posterama's decals from the rest of the market is that they have a very long shelf life, have impressive tinctorial strength and are relatively thin.

  • Bicycle decals

    Bicycle decals

    Posterama is one of a very select international group of firms specialising in bicycle decals, and offers a tremendous variety of decals for this industry. You can choose the right type of decal to suit the intended use (on top of or underneath the top coating) and processing method (dry or wet application). Look here for more information about decals in the bicycle industry.

  • Clog decals

    Clog decals

    Almost every clog in the Netherlands has a Posterama decal. Although you wouldn't think it, clog decals are specific products: strong enough to apply and yet flexible enough to stick in three dimensions without creasing. It's as if they're painted on. We even offer digital clog decals; particularly in small product runs!

  • Dry and rub-off decals

    Other industries besides the bicycle industry also use dry and rub-off decals to apply decorations or particular information on their products. These decals offer a relatively cheap way of placing the manufacturer's logo on the first prototypes. Later, other techniques with higher initial costs are more suited for larger production runs.

  • Body art, fake tattoos and tattoo decals

    Posterama provides tattoo decals, sometimes known as body art or fake tattoos. Posterama generally supplies them to the advertising industry, where these stickers are used in promotional campaigns. Kids love these stickers, and Posterama creates durable products to make sure that they can enjoy them for a very long time. Examples include promotional activities in the FMCG industry.
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