Technical screen printing

Technical screen printing

Technical screen printing covers a wide array of custom-made solutions that we have developed for businesses in the high-quality manufacturing industry that were looking for solutions using industrial technical screen printing.

  • Circuits


    We also use screen printing for very fine and precise printing on electrical circuits. Posterama can print circuits with conductive inks, which are governed by very strict requirements, affording a very low failure rate.

  • Flexible panels

    Flexible panels

    Synthetic sheets with screen prints are also used for appliance casings, such as coffee makers, or for shaping the construction of a final product such as spectacles, with the possibility of one or more layers of laminate. Posterama can make the right choices in terms of materials and inks that are sufficiently adhesive, heat- and moisture-resistant and/or elastic to be shaped properly. Thanks to Posterama's technical skill, this solution is then printed using the best possible method.

  • Other technical screen printing

    Other technical screen printing

    This general term refers to a wide variety of screen printing, for decorating products or to apply brand names or product specifications.