Production support items for the bicycle industry

Production support items for the bicycle industry

Posterama offers very special coating products as tools for coating and decorating bicycle frames, such as tapes and spray templates. In many European bicycle factories, the coating process calls for very specific products. Drawing on its wealth of experience, Posterama has developed some special products to assist in that process, which unlike many materials available on the market are sure not to adversely affect the quality of the coating system. We market these products after extensive Research and Development in our inhouse laboratory.

  • Tapes

    Our tapes are silicon-free and do not damage the top coating (for example pinholing) or cause it to come loose, like many tapes that are for sale do. They retain their shape and are heat-resistant to temperatures of up to 200 degrees Celsius.

  • Paintmasks


    For paintmasks, Posterama offers various different types of paintmaskfilms. What those films have in common with one another is that they do not damage the adhesive qualities of the powder coating on the coloured coating. This means that there is at least one type of film or combination of films for virtually any use. No similar products are available for the European coating process using baking temperatures of around 180 degrees Celsius.
    PPM Flex nHR
    Unlike other Posterama paintmaskfilms, this paintmaskfilm is not heat-resistant and is intended as an alternative to low-budget solutions, which easily lose shape, leave significant glue traces, etc. Naturally, our film does not.
    PPM Basic
    This paintmaskfilm is made from polyester, making it both heat-resistant and rigid.
    PM Flex
    This paintmaskfilm can be shaped but is nevertheless heat-resistant, and in principle can even go into the baking oven twice during the coating cycle.
    PPM UltraFlex
    This paintmaskfilm is even easier to shape than PPM Flex, while nevertheless staying heat-resistant. In principle this film can also go into the baking oven twice during the coating cycle.