Clog industry

Almost every clog in the Netherlands has a Posterama decal. Although you wouldn't think it, clog decals are specific products: strong enough to apply and yet flexible enough to stick in three dimensions without creasing. It's as if they're painted on. We even offer digital clog decals; particularly in small product runs!

  • Clog decals

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    Posterama's standard clog decals are characterised by a unique combination of flexibility, strength, thinness and processability. This type of decal seems almost to cling to the clog by itself, and once it has been coated is impossible to remove.

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  • Digital clog decals

    Digital clog decals >

    Specially for customers who order clogs as business gifts we can make digital clog decals. We use preprinting (white and transparent) of the same quality as the high-quality standard clog decals to deliver small production runs of digital clog decals within 24 or 72 hours.

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