Bicycle stickers

Bicycle stickers

The bicycle industry uses stickers for numerous purposes. Posterama manufactures them for whatever purpose you require. We have put together an extraordinary range of materials that are perfectly suited for use on bicycles. Whether you're looking for durability, weather resistance or adhesion to non-standard surfaces, we consider the customer's requirements and select the right materials and glue and manufacture the sticker for the precise purpose for which it is intended.

  • Decorative stickers

    Posterama offers stickers for application on the coating of for example bicycle frames, or on any of the other components, such as the chain guard, rear mudguard or wheel rim. Stickers not only offer a cheap solution for your preferred decorations, but are also a flexible solution that at the customer's request can be made non-permanent. The price of the product is based on the quality of the sticker materials. For example, cheaper quality stickers can be used for children's bicycles, while we also offer stickers that are guaranteed to remain attached to the frame for five to ten years. The quality does not affect the print: Posterama always uses high-quality light-resistant and durable inks and coatings.

  • Battery stickers

    Battery stickers

    A special type of sticker is the battery sticker, which serves as an attractive and durable decoration for batteries of electric bicycles. By using strong, wear- and scratch-resistant materials and by applying the print to the underside, together with a highly adhesive glue, we create battery stickers that appear to be one with the battery, making them very attractive calling card.

  • Product information stickers

    Product information stickers

    The bicycle industry uses stickers not only for decorative purposes, but also for providing information: theft prevention chip stickers or stickers that describe the frame's materials, 'Made in' stickers or barcode stickers that can be applied underneath the top coating.

  • Dealer stickers

    Dealer stickers

    Naturally, Posterama can also supply headset stickers and mudguard stickers displaying the dealer's name. Various materials can be used for these stickers, including sticker materials that are difficult to remove or materials with special decorative effects