Bicycle decals

Bicycle decals

Posterama offers a tremendous variety of decals for the bicycle industry and other customers. We choose the right type of decal to suit the intended use (on top of or underneath the top coating) and processing method (dry or wet). What distinguishes Posterama's decals from the rest of the market is that they have a great tinctorial strength, have a very long shelf life, are completely UV-resistant and colourfast, are relatively thin and are not marred by 'mourning borders' (dark lines around clear coloured areas).

  • Water decals

    Water decals

    Posterama's liquid decals are attached using pure water without additives. They are the perfect solution for use underneath the top coating.
    We offer two types:
    Waterslide decals
    Waterslide decals are ultra thin and once applied consist only of a layer of ink and a coating. Before being applied, the waterslide decal is soaked in pure water, after which it is applied to the frame. The decal paper is then removed, leaving behind the decoration. The flexible decal paper allows Posterama waterslide decals to be applied quickly and without difficulty. For dermatological reasons, Posterama recommends soaking the decals in water at room temperature. These decals distinguish themselves from others on the market because the layer of glue and varnish is completely invisible regardless of how the light falls on it.
    Water decals

    Water decals are similarly ultra thin. A coating serves to apply the decal, and is removed after preliminary drying. The actual application of the decals takes less time than with waterslide decals, while the decals can also undergo substantial shaping in three dimensions. This allows decorations to be applied to large unusually shaped surfaces of frames and bicycle parts, for example. With other systems, this is more difficult if not entirely impossible. Water decals offer the same sublime optical qualities as waterslide decals.

  • Dry decals

    Dry decals

    Dry decals are different from water decals in that you do not need water to apply them and that they can therefore be applied dry during the coating and decoration process. Posterama offers various types of dry decals:

    Polyester film decals

    Polyester film decals consist of a wafer-thin layer of polyester, on which a decoration has been printed. This makes this type of decal slightly thicker than water decals. These decals can also be covered in a thick coat of varnish, making it suitable for use on coatings, even with a matt finish. This type of decal is very simple and quick to process and is therefore ideal for bicycle factories that require a highly efficient way of applying decals under the powder coating or under an epoxy coating.

    Chrome decals

    To create special chrome and silver effects, Posterama makes use of several methods that can be applied underneath the powder coating. One of those methods is a special ultra-thin and heat-resistant chrome film. These chrome decals are sublime, if the quality of the coating is as good.

    UV dry decals

    UV dry decals are only suited for use on the top coating and as such are applied after the coating process. A flexible application film makes these decals very processable. Shortly after having been applied they are almost impossible to remove. Another factor that distinguishes Posterama's UV dry decals is that they are relatively thin and therefore look less like stickers. Unlike other companies, Posterama offers both matt and glossy UV dry decals

  • HiLo decal: the three-dimensional illusion!

    HiLo decal: the three-dimensional illusion!

    After the invention of the 3D decal Posterama brings a new revolution in bike decoration: the illusion of three dimensional depth in a flat decal! When you see a simple round tube decorated with this decal you won't believe your eyes.
    From every angle you see depth in the decal which is really changing all the time following the angle of your eyes.
    This HiLo effect is heath resistant and can be applied by Posterama in every type of decal for application upon and under the clearcoat.