Bicycle industry

For more than 25 years, we have held a strong position within the European bicycle industry thanks to an exceptionally complete range of products that is without equal in Europe: decals that are suitable for underneath or on top of the powder coating, stickers for decorative or protective purposes and heat-resistant proof flexible spray templates. We offer six different types of decals alone.

We do not allow ourselves to be limited by the colours of the PMS guide, but print any colour the customer wishes (including metallics), resulting in stickers or decals showing colours that perfectly match the colours of the carrier straps, wheel rims, frame or other part of the bicycle.

What distinguishes us are the colour reliability, tinctorial strength and shelf life of these products. We guarantee a shelf life (i.e. storage and use without loss of quality) of at least 2 years for our products. And that is unique in this industry!

  • The 3Ddecal

    The 3Ddecal >

    The 3Ddecal: a 3D effect at its best

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  • HiLo decals

    HiLo decals >

    HiLo decals: the three-dimensional illusion

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  • Bicycle stickers

    Bicycle stickers >

    The bicycle industry uses stickers for numerous purposes. Posterama stickers that meet the special demands in terms of durability, weather resistance and adhesion to non-standard surfaces of certain parts.

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  • Bicycle protectors

    Bicycle protectors >

    Posterama can produce instep guards, rear fork protectors and chain guards with various degrees of thickness, with or without print, in matt or glossy materials, transparent or coloured.

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  • Production support items for the bicycle industry

    Production support items for the bicycle industry >

    Posterama offers very special coating products as tools for coating and decorating bicycle frames, such as tapes and spray templates. In many European bicycle factories, the coating process calls for very specific products. Drawing on its wealth of experience, Posterama has developed some special products to assist in that process.

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  • Bicycle decals

    Bicycle decals >

    Posterama offers a tremendous variety of decals for the bicycle industry. You can choose the right type of decal to suit the intended use (on top of or underneath the top coating) and processing method (dry or wet).

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