For customers on various markets such as the bicycle and clog industries, the advertising sector and the high-quality manufacturing industry, Posterama can present the most beautiful and innovative solutions. It is not without reason that we are among the market leaders in the Netherlands, and in fact for the bicycle industry one of the European leaders!

  • Bicycle industry>

    For more than 25 years, we have held a strong position within the European bicycle industry thanks to an exceptionally complete range of products that is without equal in Europe: decals that are suitable for underneath or on top of the powder coating, stickers for decorative or protective purposes and heat-resistant proof flexible spray templates. We offer six different types of decals alone.

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  • Clog industry>

    Almost every clog in the Netherlands has a Posterama decal. Although you wouldn't think it, clog decals are specific products: strong enough to apply and yet flexible enough to stick in three dimensions without creasing. It's as if they're painted on.

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  • Manufacturing industry>

    The high-quality manufacturing industry demands custom-made solutions: from printed circuits and operating panels to decals on foodstuffs and musical instruments. Based on the specifications for the manufacturing process or the final product, we work together with the customer to find a unique ‘signature’.

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  • Promotional articles>

    For sales promotion agencies and campaign marketing agencies we have popular promotional articles, such as humorous campaign stickers and tattoo decals for all target groups: kids, football fans, employees. Posterama also manufactures suitable catchy promotional give-away’s such as those used in the fast-moving industry. Agencies do business with Posterama for the unparalleled speed of delivery, unique materials, special techniques, unequalled colourfast qualities and durability.

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