Clog decals

Some decades ago, screen printer Zeefdrukkerij Van der Geest in Utrecht offered clog makers the opportunity of replacing the manual paintwork on clogs by the use of special decals. With the development of those attractive decals, it is out of vogue to manually paint clogs. Nowadays almost all clogs are decorated with decals, whether they are for wearing or are more elaborate tourist clogs.

In May 2009, when Posterama acquired the operations of Zeefdrukkerij Van der Geest, an entirely new clog decal was immediately developed that meets all current environmental and working conditions standards. Because no company in the Netherlands offered good clog decals, Posterama was under a great deal of pressure to create a good system. It was also very much aware of the fact that the amount of time available for development was limited, in view of the demand for production from customers.

It is not easy to make a good clog decal: the decal is printed onto a sheet, but when applied to the clog undergoes a substantial amount of shaping in three dimensions. If the decal is not rigid enough it cannot be applied, but if it is too rigid it will break too easily.

Posterama developed a clog decal that is slightly elastic and has sufficient body to make it easy to process. It is currently even possible to decorate a clog from toe to heel using a single decal. In addition, the decal is so thin that it does not rest on top of the clog but clings so tightly to it that it becomes one with the clog. This creates an attractive optical result, because it is almost impossible to see that the decoration has been stuck on. Moreover, the clog coating sticks very easily to the decal, yielding a beautiful and solid end product. Would you like to learn more? Contact Posterama.