Cheese decals

Cheeses have traditionally been decorated using blotting silk labels. This method is relatively cheap, but has the drawback that a brand label, which is generally language- and country-specific, is applied to the cheeses at an early stage. Moreover, the appearance of these labels is not very attractive. Some years ago, when Posterama was talking with a customer about an entirely different order and learned in passing that that customer would prefer to decorate the cheeses in a different way, our Research & Development department set about finding a solution. Two years later, after a series of small tests, we were able to present a revolutionary and fully automated method in which a robot applied labels to the cheeses at a late stage. The video showing that this method works can be viewed here. A special type of decal was developed for this method. A machine builder abroad proved to be able to apply them to the cheeses in a fully automated process. The principal advantage of this method is that the cheeses can be decorated immediately before they are sold, i.e. after the maturing process. Placing the customer order disconnect point later in the process makes it easier to meet customer-specific preferences, allows stocks to be reduced and significantly diminishes the possibility of unsalable stock. And this decoration is also of very high quality visually; it's beautiful! Would you like to learn more? Contact Posterama.