Bicycle industry: 3D in decorations

It has always been expensive to realise relief effects in metal. Hydroforming is an attractive way to place a brand name in a frame, but the high tooling costs mean that it is only viable in large volumes. With its 3Ddecals, Posterama offers more possibilities for achieving similar effects at considerably lower cost.


Two methods exist for placing 3Ddecals. The first is to place the decal underneath the coloured coating or underneath the primer. The differences in surface height and the angle of the light create a very attractive result, particularly with matt and metallic coatings. It offers a striking way to style a bicycle painted simply in a single colour. This version of the 3Ddecal is moreover relatively cheap to produce in smaller runs.


Alternatively, as our 3Ddecals are heat-proof to high temperatures, the 3Ddecal can be placed on top of the coloured coating, underneath the powder coating. Using this method, the 3Ddecals can be printed in a single colour or in multiple colours. This allows for numerous additional creative possibilities: striking combinations of a frame in a solid colour combined with a 3Ddecal in a metallic print, for example silver or gold. The silver or gold sets off beautifully against the background colour.


In short, the 3Ddecal offers a wide range of possibilities for real designers. Would you like to learn more Contact Posterama.