Bicycle industrie: invisible decals

Broadly speaking, two systems are used to apply decals underneath a bicycle's powder coating: the dry system, which always leaves a slight edge around the decal, and the wet system, where the decal is soaked in water and then applied, and which should be invisible.

The greatest advantage to the wet system is that the decal edges are invisible. In practice, however, the coating on most waterslide decals remains visible on the bicycle frame, as is evident from a quick look around an international bicycle trade fair.

If light is shining on it, the coating breaks the sheen of the silver metallic coating on the frame, making it seem somewhat more matt or giving it a milky appearance. Another undesirable effect of these thin decals are 'mourning borders': using transparent inks that are printed onto covering white with underfill creates dark edges. A further undesirable consequence of the lack of tinctorial strength of these decals is that a hard cut remains visible in the coating after the decal has been applied.

In 2009, Posterama improved its waterslide decals in a fantastic manner that solved all these problems. Posterama can now offer waterslide decals with tremendous tinctorial strength and an invisible coating. Only the colour is visible on these decals, making it seem as if the decoration is printed directly on the frame. Moreover, the colours burst out of the frame and are not determined by the colour of the underlying surface. This again demonstrates Posterama's drive and perfectionism. Would you like to learn more? Contact Posterama.