Core values

As an industrial screen printing firm, Posterama specialises in decals and stickers and in other technical screen prints.



On the European screen printing market, Posterama is the partner of preference for developing and providing the best innovative decorative solutions for products that deviate from the norm in terms of shape, special features or production techniques. By proactively providing input, Posterama is continually innovating.Posterama is a reliable partner and aims for the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction. Engagement with customers, staff and suppliers is a vital part of Posterama's operations in order for it to both deliver the best possible final product and build up a lasting partnership.



The rise of mass individualisation is causing an increase in the demand for distinguishing and decorating products. With products that deviate from the norm in terms of shape, special features or production techniques, Posterama offers the best innovative decorative solution. Posterama uses its ability to understand the customer's perspective and its innovative strength to develop the highest quality for its customers. It is a reliable partner that delivers on its promises. Posterama is engaged and strongly believes that lasting relationships with customers, staff and suppliers ensure the best possible results.


Corporate culture

Posterama is a flat organisation. Its lines are short and the human factor and the ability to enjoy working for us are important elements. Posterama's corporate culture can be described as informal, helpful, willing to share knowledge, passionate and respectful to one another and to our customers.


Core values
Innovative in the extension of our customer's requirements

· We are curious and feel the urge to make new discoveries and to learn, to develop knowledge and to go beyond boundaries.

· We know what our customers are thinking and what plans they have for the future.

· We are creative when finding solutions and have an open mind for new ideas.

· We create new products that allow our customers to distinguish themselves from others.

· We challenge ourselves every day to become even better.

· We pursue a policy of sustainability. In this day and age, that is the critical success factor for good innovations.


We can be relied upon to deliver the best quality

· We make good on our promises.

· We are honest about the quality of the finished product.

· We guarantee the best quality.

· We do our utmost to find an appropriate solution for any customer that is not satisfied.

· Our quality assurance system is our pride and joy.

· We pursue a policy of sustainability, you can count on that.


Engaged: we aim to build up lasting relationships with customers, staff and suppliers.

· We are proactive in terms of thinking and acting.

· We strive towards a high level of customer satisfaction.· We resolve problems quickly and properly.

· We understand the customer's situation.

· We are loyal and flexible.

· We try to present solutions that our customers had not already thought of.

· We aim to build up lasting relationships with both our customers and our suppliers.